Team Members

Jennifer Perellie – Case Manager

Investigating since January 2006 – Jennifer holds a Bachelors of Science in Prevention and Community Development with a strong emphasis on health realization theories and techniques, working with families in crisis. Her love for paranormal field research stems from her desire to question the reality that she was taught through a strong religious up-bringing; seeking other answers to what happens to the human spirit after the physical life of this world.
Occupation – Make-up Artist

Hobbies – Art, Music, Photography, Traveling.

Sarah Vogelsang-Card – Treasurer

Investigating since 2005 and a photographer since 1995 – Sarah has a BFA in photography from the NYC School of the Visual Arts and has trained with many different studios and photographers since 1995. She has had a passion for everything paranormal after experiencing unexplained events as a child. Sarah is a highly rational and scientific thinker. Capturing a paranormal event through photography is one of her greatest challenges and passions as it is truly one of the most difficult forms of valid evidence of the paranormal.

Occupation – Freelance Professional Photographer, Office Manager and puppeteer for Kids on the Block-Vermont, part-time Gallery Manager for Gallery 180 and referee for The Green Mountain Derby Dames

Hobbies – Photography, art, watching horror movies with fiance and overfeeding her two twenty pound furry kitty monsters.

Jill Barr – Secretary

Although a newer member to the group, Jill’s fascination with the paranormal has been a dominant factor in her life for quite some time.  Growing up in a 19th century schoolhouse she has had her fair share of experiences with  things that go bump in the night and has a huge fascination in attempting to explain the unexplained.   Jill has a strong passion for uncovering the historical backgrounds that are associated with a particular location and the people that might have inhabited such a location.  Getting into the field and uncovering the truths about a location or situation, be it paranormal or not, is her way of honoring and showing her respect for those once walked this earth.

Occupation – Executive Assistant

Hobbies – Being outdoors, movies and spending time with my family and friends.

Holly Parish – Vice President

Investigating since March, 2011. She has always been fascinated with the paranormal and the uknown. She is skeptical, but wants to be in a position to possibly experience something to become a true believer. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Human Services from Lyndon State College.

Occupation: Payroll Assistant

Hobbies: Dancing, tennis, ghost hunting, camping


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