Case #100910 – N. Ferrisburgh

Summary of history:

The tenants of a home in Addison County contacted GMPS a few months after moving in during the Summer of 2010. When they first looked at the home they didn’t notice anything strange about the house. Once they moved in it had a “heavy, negative and uneasy” feeling. A neighbor who is also a coworker of one of the tenants mentioned that the place had a high turn over. They also mentioned an older woman who might have died there about five years earlier from injuries sustained from a fall in the kitchen. The tenant that contacted us said she had a dream two weeks before moving in of being in her future kitchen and talking to an older woman in a house coat and that her face was bruised. The tenant described the woman in her dream to her neighbor/coworker and they said it sounded just like the older woman that used to live there. The tenants decided to burn sage in the house before moving in. The landlord did mention that one of the previous tenants complained about their TV turning on by itself at night. From the limited amount of research that was found regarding this particular location it seems that the house was built in and around 1908. What was once the original home now consists of the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room and upstairs room/studio. What are now the living room, den, and two upstairs bedrooms were added on through out the years. The tenants, a wife and husband, are both articulate and intelligent. They also have a young child.

Some of the claims of activity are as follows: The most common activity reported are strange sounds that are mainly heard in the kitchen and the studio area. Sometimes while female tenant is in the living room it sounds like cabinets are being opened and closed, stuff is being moved around in the kitchen. One morning while in the bathroom getting ready to go to work and being the only one in the house, there was a sudden knocking all over the walls in the kitchen. First, there was a light knock followed by a louder knock. It seemed to have gone on for a few minutes. She poked her head out to see what was going on and saw nothing, but was so spooked that she darted right out the back door.

On another weekend morning the female tenant was cleaning the bathroom downstairs and placed her son in his highchair right outside the bathroom door to keep an eye on him while he was eating. Her husband was upstairs sleeping with the dog. She then noticed that her child stopped what he was doing and began to look towards the living room and was speaking to someone. It sounded like someone was moving things around in the kitchen so she thought her husband had come downstairs. She stepped out of the bathroom to say, “I thought you were going to sleep in” and there was no one there. She couldn’t make out what the young child was saying. That was the first thing that truly concerned her.

While she was standing at the kitchen counter she heard noises coming from above where the studio is. She thought someone was in the house moving things around or that something had fallen. Her husband was in the living room and the child was sleeping in his crib in a different part of the house. Their dog has bad hips and the stairs are so steep that they help him go up at night so she knew it wasn’t him either. She asked her husband to go check on it. He came back and said no one was there and nothing was out of place.

A few times she believes she has heard her child crying but he wasn’t. They have been locked out of their house eight or nine times. There is a screen door in the kitchen that has a latch to lock the door. The latch isn’t loose and would take a bit of force to move, but it has locked them out. They have now resorted to leaving a piece of tape over the latch to avoid being locked out again. Among all these claims there are also the usual suspects of footsteps in the night, feeling of being watched, and even friends say the house creeps them out.

Summary of investigation:

Green Mountain Paranormal was lucky enough to be able to investigate this location twice. Our first investigation in October was very quiet. None of our group members felt uneasy. We set up three infra-red cameras throughout the house, one Sony camcorder with NighShot on the stairs and multiple voice recorders. After sending out groups to do EVP sessions and attempting to communicate, we all gathered in the kitchen. It was 2am when we suddenly started to hear the knocking on the wall in the kitchen. It followed the same path that the tenant had described. We unanimously agreed that it was some kind of rodent taking shelter from the dropping temperatures. After investigating for two more hours we set up our sleeping bags and called it a night. All of our cameras and audio were left running through out the night.

Our second investigation in December came with an interesting twist. The tenant had contacted a psychic and did a reading over the phone. The psychic had mentioned that there was a small table in the attic space all the way in the back corner that belonged to a man and he wasn’t very happy that it was moved. The tenant was surprised, because there was indeed such a table exactly where the psychic said it was and they had moved it when they moved in. She asked the psychic if she could put it back where it was, but was told “no, he’s already upset it was moved”. The female tenant stayed with us through the investigation in the hopes to get a better understanding of what we do and perhaps to conquer her fear with like minded individuals such as ourselves showing support. There were a few instances where the K-II spiked for no reason and then return to normal. Other than that it was another quiet night.


Other than the camcorder being moved slightly while we were all downstairs, our best evidence were EVPs. Check out the YouTube clips below and listen to what we caught.


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