Case #052910 – Burlington Residence

Summary of Investigation:

This investigation takes place in the old north end of Burlington and is our second investigation of this residence. The residence is wood frame with field stone basement.  Built between 1877 and 1890.  All indications point to this house being built as a rental house for workers at the nearby mills. And we can assume that it saw frequent turnover in tenants. A French-Canadian family with a tragic narrative was found to have lived there between 1893- 1910. We were able to find that an unnamed daughter may have died in the house at the age of 5 in 1900. A family bought the house some time after 1910 and it stayed to that family for two generation until it was sold to it current owner. The house is now a beautiful rental with a history as rich as the neighborhood it is in.

First reports of a haunting came from previous owners of the house.  Doors knobs would jiggle and then the door would swing open then shut hard on its own. Unexplained footsteps could frequently be heard on the second floor. A rocking chair could be heard rocking when there was none in the house. Granddaughter often saw a little girl; one time asked her grandmother “Who is the little girl on the stairs?”(Possibly the unnamed daughter that died at the age of five?)  One day after phantom footsteps were heard a loud bang from the upstairs bathroom was heard from downstairs. When inspected the wall was dripping red, blood like fluid. The family also reported strong feelings of being watch and not alone.

The current owner didn’t think much of these reports when they bought the house. But since they started renting the property they have had two separate tenants recount experiences of the unexplained.  Reports from the tenants have been as such.  Door knobs jiggling and then the door opening and closing by an unseen force. It was reported to be too forceful to be a draft. Footsteps could be heard coming from the second floor. And in one account from a tenet, they experienced the sound of footsteps coming down the stairs as they stood there at the bottom. They where alone in the house at the time and saw nobody coming down the stairs as they heard the footfalls. Lights turning on and off by themselves, with reports of multiple lights doing it at the same time. The volume knob on one of the tenant’s radio would often turn on its own. Faucet handles would turn on their own with water turning on and off by itself. At one point three tenant’s saw a heavy change jar fly off the TV right in front of them. And all have had strong feelings of being watched and the feeling of not being alone.

Monica, Bastian, Jeff, Robert, and Sarah were in attendance that evening.  We set up IR cameras and digital voice recorders through out the second floor and staircase where most of the hauntings have taken place. We came into this investigation trying to further our understanding of EVP’s captured from the previous investigation here. After setup and taking data readings throughout that house we each took a room for 30 minutes of quite time. After taking notes of what we experienced from our senses during quiet time, we sent out one group at a time to the second floor to do EVP sessions.  Considering the size of the house we kept it to only one group out with one at person manning the monitor at base camp. The investigation was very quiet throughout the night. We were unable to capture any substantial EVPs this go round. Had pretty good thunderstorms roll through at one point during the evening and if nothing else it added “mood” to the evening’s hunt. We were able to confirm an idea we had in regards to the sound of footsteps coming from the stairs.  Whenever someone would go up or down the stairs and use the railing for assistance, it would cause the spindles to get “stuck” in the joint it shared with the railing.  After about five minutes we would notice that gravity would loosen the spindle and it would drop an 1/8th of an inch or so into the stair joint that the spindle shared.  This caused a light “thud” sounds. Considering many of the spindles where loose in this fashion we concluded that this was a plausible explanation for the sounds of footsteps on the stairs.  We heard a metallic squeak on the second floor at one point in the night.  Bastian had determined that the sound originated from the doorknob on bedroom #1.  Draft may play a factor but it does fit with the experiences in this house.

We have come away from this investigation with some explainable answers to the experiences had at this residence. One: being able to identify the sounds coming from the stairs. And two: draft in the house may be a bit stronger than people expect.  This could cause doors to open and close. We where also able to come up with history on the house, corroborating the sighting of a girl spirit seen in the house. Considering the history of hard living from the French-Canadian family that lived in this house for a time.  Is it possible that one piece of their long string of tragedies stayed behind?


Investigation Log:

Case052910_Investigation Log


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