Who is GMParanormal?

Green Mountain Paranormal Society, based in Vermont was founded to assist people in the New England area who are experiencing unexplained events, such as hauntings, UFO sightings, and unexplained animals.

Our investigations are free of charge. No identifying information about our clients or their homes will be shared with the general public, unless expressed permission is given.

GMPS is composed of a diverse group of people, each bringing their own unique and professional skills. Most of our members have been working together for over a year before creating this group. Our goals are to research, investigate and document unexplained or paranormal activity in an unbiased, logical, and scientific manner. We use critical thinking, a variety of instrumentation, and a combined knowledge in our drive to expand our understanding of the unknown. Many paranormal incidents can be explained by natural causes.


One response to “Who is GMParanormal?

  1. how does one join a group like this? I like the way TAPS do investigations are you guys similar?

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